Products and Services
Our Services Include:
Comprehensive eye examinations for patients of all ages
Urgent emergency examinations
 Fitting and ordering contact lenses
Co-management of laser refractive surgery
 Binocular vision training and managing convergence  issues
Sports glasses for children and adults
Retinal photography
Diabetic and special systemic disease examinations
 Dispensing eyeglasses through the Eye See, Eye Learn program
Visual Field Testing
 Colour Vision Testing and Stereopsis 
 Frame Adjustments and Repairs
​ Ministry of Transportation Testing


We offer a variety of contact lens services to make your contact lens experience comfortable, efficient, and cost effective.  If you have never worn contact lenses before, you will need to set up an initial contact lens fitting appointment in which we will teach you how to properly insert and remove lenses, inform you of how to care for your lenses, and will monitor their fit and visual acuities.  We offer daily disposable lenses, monthly lenses, and rigid/gas permeable lenses to suit your needs.  Contact lenses can be worn to correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia.


We carry a full range of eyewear products and associated accessories to keep your eyes seeing their best.  We offer a wide variety of metal and plastic ophthalmic frames for women, men, and children in a number of different styles to suit your fashion sense and personality.

Some Of  Our Designers Include: ​​

            NICOLE MILLER             

Other Products and Services

Safety Glasses

​Canadian Safety Association (CSA) Approved Safety Glasses

Eye safety in the workplace is extremely important.  When the work environment is unsafe, It is essential to wear a properly fitted pair of safety glasses to prevent eye injuries before they occur.  A foreign body in the eye may be very dangerous if not removed immediately, so take the necessary steps to protect your eyes on the job.  At Goemans Optometry, we carry a variety of safety frames in a number of styles that can be purchased with or without a prescription.

Retinal Photography

A retinal camera allows an optometrist to photograph your eye, inspect the macula, and be able to detect and diagnose a number of diseases which would not be visible without that image  These diseases include, but are not limited to, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic
retinopathy, and glaucoma.​​

Binocular Vision Training and Managing Convergence Issues

Binocular vision assessments evaluate visual skills that are not examined in a regular comprehensive eye examination.  The skills include accommodation which is the ability of the eyes to focus together, depth perception, fusion of the eyes, ocular motility or eye movements, and the resting position of the eye (ocular posture).  Convergence insufficiency is the inability of eyes to work together when focusing on a near object. 
 This usually causes problems such as eye strain, blurred vision, diplopia or double vision, and/or headaches.  The good news is that there are many treatments available, ranging from lenses with built in prism to vision therapy and at home exercises.  Binocular vision treatments have a high success rate.  At Goemans Optometry, Dr. Paul Goemans is highly experienced with working with binocular vision patients as he supervises at the University of Waterloo Binocular Vision Department.

Urgent Eye Examinations

Shooting Lenses

We have worked with many national and provincial shooting team members in measuring the best design for their shooting needs.  We look forward to working with all levels and types of shooters.
Optometrists deal with urgent eye care and eye emergencies.  If you are experiencing an ocular emergency such as a foreign body in your eye, flashing lights, or floaters please call your optometrist immediately.  Optometrists remove foreign bodies, treat eye infections, prescribe medications, and refer patients to ophthalmologists if required.